Magspace 95 Pieces – Creative Cube – 3D Educational Magnetic Building Set with remote control and motor


The magnetic building set Magspace – Creative Cube has remote control and motor and contains 95 multicoloured geometric forms inspiring the children to build various machines of monster-truck type.

Batteries are not included in the package:

  • 3 x AAA batteries
  • 1 lithium battery with USB charging for the engine
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Product Code: MT - MS 1994


The building set Magspace, with magnetic pieces of various forms and colours, is useful to develop both coordination skills and perception of space relations.

The set contains 95 magnetic pieces easily to handle by children and is formed of 59 forms and 36 accessories (12 triangles, 20 squares, 4 ¼ sector, 2 ⅛ sector, 1 ⅛ arc, 2 ½ sector, 2 ½ arc, 4 isosceles triangles, 4 diamonds, 2 trapezoids, 2 pentagons, 2 ¼ arc, 1 rotating girl figurine, 1 rotating boy figurine, 2 square panels, 2 diamond panels, 1 remote control, 1 motor control transmitter, 2 motors, 1 connector, 2 isosceles panels, 2 triangle panels, 2 rubber rails, 2 short booms, 2 long booms, 5 connecting tubes, 2 bearing tubes, 6 small wheels, 2 triangle connecting booms), allowing their assembling in lots of forms representing various monster-truck type machines with remote control and motor.

The building set Magspace is useful both for individual use and for its use in collectivities: kindergartens, schools, after-school activities, play grounds, etc.

Recommended age range: ages 3+.


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Weight 2.140 kg
Dimensions 52 x 37 x 6.5 cm


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